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Councillors' Details

Whitchurch Rural Parish Council Members' Contact Details:

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CLERK: Melanie Joyce

Ivy Rose Cottage, Cruckmoor Lane, Prees Green, Whitchurch SY13 2BS

01948 841945

Tony Hunter

Rep: Ash Parish Rooms

12 Pemberton Close, Ightfield, Whitchurch SY13 4BF

01948 890631

Ash Ward

Sue Taylor

Lea Hall Farm

Ash Parva, Whitchurch SY13 4NP

01948 663154

Ash Ward

John Dodd

Rep: Ash Parish Rooms

Broadoak Farm, Woodhouses, Whitchurch SY13 4AG

01948 871276

01948 871276

Ash Ward

Will Allen

Rep: LJC

Rose Barn, Ash Parva, SY13 4DT

01948 665438

Ash Ward

Vice Chairman Roger Thornhill

Rep: Ash School House Charity

Mayfield, Ash Magna

Whitchurch SY13 4DR

01948 667785

Ash Ward

CHAIRMAN Stephen Power

Rep: HLG & Emergency Planning

3 Ash Lane, Ash SY13 4P

01948 664886

Ash Ward

Lyndon  Loweth

Tilstock Ward

Patricia Blyth

Rep: Higginson Trust

Leaside, Golf House Lane, Prees Heath, SY13 2JU

0797 3748262

Tilstock Ward

Richard Thompson

Tilstock Ward

Andy Allen

The Hollies, Sedgeford, Whitchurch SY13 1EX

07949 543080

Tilstock Ward

Mitch Haynes

Tilstock Ward

Mark Richardson

Tilstock Ward

Unitary Cllr Gerald Dakin

Collinslea, 15 Mile Bank,Whitchurch, SY13 4JY

01948 666095

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